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Washington Humane Society Names Mobile Adoption Center Adopt Force One


WHS Alumni Update: July 20, 2012

WHS Alumni Update: July 20, 2012

Remember Pagent, our Foster Monday feature, and Rita, our pet of the week? We are thrilled to report they have each been adopted! Pagent is especially pleased to be paired with an active jogger and hiker to suit her energetic lifestyle. Check out some other happy graduates below – then help us make more alumni by adopting or fostering from WHS, and spreading the word!

Tommy and Penny
“When we went to adopt our cats at the New York Avenue adoption center we agreed on two. Penny picked out my boyfriend Mark, and Mark picked out Tommy. If it were my choice, we would have taken home all the cats in Kitty City! Here is my favorite photo of Tommy and Penny playing with a toy.”
-Alicia Fremling

If you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk – for the animals

If you can talk the talk, you can walk the walk – for the animals

You’re always telling your friends how much you love your pet, but maybe you’re looking to take a step beyond caring for your dog or cat to supporting all animals across Washington, DC. This September 29, go the extra mile with the Washington Humane Society (WHS) and be a part of the DC Walk for the Animals & Pet-A-Palooza. Join us in celebrating our community’s animals and walking to end pet homelessness in DC.

For Lennox Barnes

By Lisa LaFontaine, President and CEO, Washington Humane Society

Lennox Barnes’s life has come to a sad and bitter end. His story is heartbreaking and infuriating, with one part incomprehensible bureaucratic righteousness and three parts love, humanity and the shared will for profound change.

For those who haven’t heard, the details of his short life are achingly tragic. In May 2010, Lennox Barnes was taken from his home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. All indications are that he was a model citizen – he had no known history of bad behavior, and no aggressive or violent actions in his past.