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Recipe: Crab Soup That Will be Served at President Obama Inaugural Gala

Recipe: Crab Soup That Will be Served at President Obama Inaugural Gala

Riderwood retirement community in Silver Spring, MD, is sharing the recipe to its award-winning Crab Soup that  will be served January 20 at a President Obama Inaugural Gala hosted by the Delaware, Maryland and New York State Societies of Washington, D.C. The Gala will be held at 7 p.m. at The Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. The more than 300 invited guests will include elected officials, friends of the states, and guests from all corners of the globe. Riderwood chefs will serve the soup to attendees.

The recipe follows:

Police Arrest Olney Md. Shooting Suspect

OLNEY, Md. (WUSA) -- Montgomery County Police say the suspect of a Monday night shooting in Olney is behind bars.

Daniel Alexander Paynter, 17, was apprehended on an arrest warrant after he arrived at the police station to provide information about the shooting, police said.

On January 14, officers arrived at the scene near the intersection of Cashell Road and Morningwood Drive to find the victim with a gunshot wound in the neck.

According to police, three males were in the car but at some point one male shot another male.  

The victim was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. He is expected to survive. Police believe the shooting may be drug-related.


5 Tips for Teachers to Make Classrooms Bully Free, New Educational Curriculum Released

5 Tips for Teachers to Make Classrooms Bully Free, New Educational Curriculum Released


Each day in America, it is estimated that 160,000 students stay home from school to avoid being bullied. If you take a look at the media headlines in any given week, it’s easy to see that bullying is a growing problem in our schools. The good news is that it is a problem that many teachers can help tackle by creating a bully-free classroom, something that is easier to do than one might think.

“We all know that bullying is a major concern in our schools,” explains Peter J. Goodman, author of the book “We’re All Different But We’re All Kitty Cats.” “But there are things teachers can do to help address this problem and prevent it from happening.” 

5 Tips for Parents of BB Gun Owners

5 Tips for Parents of BB Gun Owners

Each Christmas, there are children around America who unwrap a new, non-powder gun. These guns include BB, pellet, and paintball. While many parents may believe such guns to be harmless, and even see them as a toy, statistics suggest otherwise. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, over 20,000 injuries result from these types of guns each year, with four percent of them requiring hospitalization.

“These guns are not toys at all, and they can certainly do damage both to people and to animals,” explains Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, an organization dedicated to helping animals in need. “In our line of work, we have seen it often – kids who shoot at animals just for fun, and leave them distressed and injured. These guns create problems that parents are not even usually aware of.”

Here are 5 tips for parents who may have a child with one of these non-powder guns, or who are considering getting one for them:


Hobie is Learning New Tricks

Hobie is Learning New Tricks

“Hobie (formerly Brinks) is just a darling. He sits, stays, shakes, and has a perfect ‘down,’ when not distracted, of course! He's learning to ‘fetch the paper’ and to ‘wait’ before charging through a doorway. He's playful, curious, very smart, and just a regular love. He loves big dogs, and now that he has his rabies vaccine, he is going to K9 Divine's farm two days a week, which is heaven for him. We also love exploring the woods behind our house and the Archbold Glover Trail. Hobie is now a part time lawyer and loves going to my husband’s law office.

DC Ticket Brokers Warn Of Scams Involving Redskins Tickets

OLNEY, Md. (WUSA) --Jeff Lowenthal and his 15- year-old daughter Samantha were among the 80-thousand people at FedEx Field for Sunday's Redskins/Cowboys game, arguably the biggest Redskins game in the past ten years.

The Lowenthals, both of whom are rabid Redskins fans, had been looking forward to the game for a while and were having a great time, until two young women came up to them with about five minutes left in the second quarter and told the Lowenthals that they were sitting in their seats.

When an usher came to sort out the confusion, he explained, while leading the Lowenthals away from their seats, that the two hard copy tickets that Jeff bought on Craig's List that morning for $550 were not valid, because the original owner of the tickets had already sold the rights to the tickets online, thereby rendering the hard copy tickets invalid.

Teaching Cents To Your Kids

Teaching Cents To Your Kids

Teach your kids financial literacy!

George C. Marshall High School of Falls Church, Va. is hosting the free event with special speaker Amy Monlezun, the talent development specialist at Navy Federal Credit Union.


Saturday January 5th, 2013



Dolley Madison Public Library

1244 Oak Ridge Avenue

McLean, VA 22101

RSVP by emailing teachingcentstoyourkids@gmail.com. Refreshments will be provided.