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Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite FroYo Spot? | Health

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Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite FroYo Spot?
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Favorite Fridays: What's Your Favorite FroYo Spot?

I have to say on a hot day, nothing sounds better than frozen yogurt topped with fruit, and chocolate unless of course Miami was an option, then I’d be soaking up the sun (with my friend SPF 30).

FroYo is perfect for an after dinner or lunch spot because it’s light, yet filling with as many toppings as you see fit!

TangySweet in Penn Quarter has always been a favorite of mine because I am obsessed with the Green Tea Tart topped with coconut, and mango. You may think that sounds odd, but trust me its delicious and quite refreshing. Additionally, TangySweet sells Red Velvet Cupcakes, which I buy occasionally and like to eat for breakfast the following morning. My all-time favorite is the Summertime cake. Nothing says rise and shine like a light and zesty lemon cake topped with whipped cream cheese and shredded coconut.

Pinkberry, which just set up shop in DuPont this summer has a ton of followers in NYC and LA. I’m definitely a fan, but don’t think it’s better than FroZenYo, Tangy Sweet, or my new found favorite: 16 Handles.

A friend of mine who lives in Gaithersburg mentioned 16 Handles to me a few days ago, and me being the curious person that I am, decided to check it out today. All I can say is wow! I am a huge fan of the 16-flavor option except for the green apple tart (not even a fan of the green apple jolly rancher, don’t be shocked).

I experimented a little of each, thanks to the fantastic taster cups. I must say the graham cracker, banana, and pomegranate tart flavors were mouth-watering. 16 Handles provides your own fat-free setting of calcium, protein and probiotic goodness. At the toppings bar, you'll find over 40 possibilities, from fresh, wholesome berries to decadent sauces to choose from. The best part is, you weigh your treat, so you pay for how much you plan on eating. Very cost efficient!

That’s my two cents, what’s yours?


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