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Governor O’Malley Accepts “PlanMaryland”

Governor O’Malley Accepts “PlanMaryland”


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Governor Martin O’Malley today accepted “PlanMaryland,” the State’s first long-range plan for sustainable growth, from Secretary Richard Eberhart Hall of the Maryland Department of Planning (MDP) – achieving a vision first laid out by the General Assembly a half-century ago.

Time Management Tips & Techniques

As I promised here is the third of a series of three time management articles on managing your time and life. Good time management skills will allow you to be in control of your time and life, and your stress and energy levels. Here are several tips and techniques, plus a great exercise that will support you in getting things accomplished!

Tips & Techniques:

Managing Your Stuff

Ever think to yourself, I don’t have the time for managing my time? Of course, we all have! How do manage all your stuff? How do you decide what to focus on each day?

I have used a system that really helps manage my workflow at home and in the office. David Allen’s system in Getting Things Done has influenced the way I organize my life. Here are five steps that can help.

1. Collect: Everything that is incomplete that you have to do.

2. Process: What is it you have to do? Is it actionable or not? 

3. Organize: If it is a non-actionable item then either toss it, use a tickler system as a reminder, or store it as a reference item. If it is an action item ask yourself what the next action step is; second, what is the outcome or result are you committed to?

Governor O'Malley To Lead Trade Mission To India

Governor O'Malley To Lead Trade Mission To India


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Department of Liquor Reports on Alcohol Compliance Program

Department of Liquor Reports on Alcohol Compliance Program


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How Social Media Impacts Job Seekers and Employers.

Job seekers face not only the challenge of sluggish hiring but potentially also a murky background that may not pass a social media background check. Several years ago we were debating privacy issues with respect to email and instant messaging on the job. Today, we are talking about the use of social media to screen potential employees. Whether accurate or inaccurate, a picture is painted of potential employees. If you are looking for a job and have a clean background, you still may have concerns. You may be concerned about the impact of potential untruths, private details that may be located on the internet, or comments posted to "friends" that may be taken out of context by a potential recruiter. Or if the so-called discovered information has been correctly attributed to you.  How uncommon is it for someone to have the same name?

BEST OF DC Suburbs Survey: Vote Now!

BEST OF DC Suburbs Survey: Vote Now!

It’s that time of the year again where you, dear readers, can make your voices heard and help choose the absolute best the D.C. metro area has to offer. After an exhaustive elimination process, we have narrowed down the list to the below categories and selections so that you can help make our Best Of Issue the ultimate insider’s guide to the best of the best in this region. The deadline for voting is July 1st , so don’t wait and cast your vote for your favorite businesses and people in our area.